WW New Orleans: Prince Pauper

Prince Pauper has been deejaying in New Orleans for the last twenty some years. No longer in clubs, the record selecting now happens at the every once in a while yard dance and monthly on the local community radio station WWOZ, 90.7fm. He spends his working days at Domino Sound Record Shack on Bayou Road playing more records in hopes that people will extract more reggae, international, and other genuine goodies from the shop to put on their own speakers. When customers are sparse, he tends to the flowers out front.

Watts Little Angel Band “New Orleans/Land of a 1000 Dances” (EM)

Hot 8 Brass Band “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (TRU THOUGHTS)

Charm Taylor “The Path” (SINKING CITY)

Rockin’ Dopsie ”Doin’ The Zydeco” (MOI J’CONNAIS)

Percy Randolph ”Shoe Shine” (FOLKWAYS)

Allan Toussaint ”We the People” (BELL)

Smokey Johnson ”Whip It” (NOLA)

Electrified A.G.B. “Fly Away” (DOME CITY)

Jon Batiste w/ Hot 8 Brass Band “Adulthood” (VERVE)

Da Entourage “Bunny Hop” (UNIVERSAL)

Ricky B “City Streets” (SINKING CITY)

Louis Armstrong and Friends “Give Peace a Chance” (FLYING DUTCHMAN)

Sister Gertrude Morgan “Let’s Make a Record” (TRUE BELIEVER)

Reserve Junior High School 1977 Concert Band “Soul Serenade” (RESERVE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL)

La La Laverne w/ Nathan Abshire and the Pine Grove Boys “La La Blues” (KAJUN)

Baby Dodds “Drum Syncopation No. 1” (GHB)

Lee Dorsey “Freedom For the Stallion” (POLYDOR)

Professor Longhair “Cuttin’ Out” (RON)

St. Augustine High School Marching 100 “Zarathustra” (BLI)

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