WW Palestine: Radio AlHara // 19-07-20

Tune in for a show from the Radio AlHara crew coming to you live from Palestine. In a project inspired by Radio il Hai (Beirut) and Radio Alhuma (Tunis), a community radio station has emerged in a time of boredom, worry and isolation. With roots in Bethlehem and Ramallah, Radio AlHara aims to provide a collective online space for a global audience – a platform for listening, discussion and togetherness.

Mohamed Mounir - El Leila Ya Samra

El Leila Ya Samra - Plan and Sane and Simple Melody

Anadol - Adieu

Ryo Fukui - Early Summer

Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh - Khaber Ajel

Aman!!! - Rast Tou Teke

Saul Williams - Twice the First Time

Cheb Khaled - Bakhta

Maurice Louca - Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)

Erick Cosaque - Guadeloupe, ile de mes Amours

Zohra - Badala Zamana

Barbara Moore - Hot Heels

Bocaraca - Tal Vez Mañana

Miss Broadway - Belle Epoque

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Malin Kpon O

Beppe Loda - Life Thanks DJ Harvey

Joe Moks - Boys and Girls

Orient Express - Alis Funk

António Dos Santos - Djal Bai Si Camin

Belly Dance Music - Ala Wahda We Noss

Weekend - Drum Beat For Baby (12 Inch Version)

Rhiannon Giddens - At the Purchaser's Option

Cop Envy & DJ Plead - Dash to Finish

Thoom - Mikal Jackzon

Muqata'a - Thakira Jama'iya

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