WW Palestine: Recordat with Anadol // 22-09-20

Tune in for a show from the Radio AlHara crew coming to you live from Palestine. In a project inspired by Radio il Hai (Beirut) and Radio Alhuma (Tunis), a community radio station has emerged in a time of boredom, worry and isolation. With roots in Bethlehem and Ramallah, Radio AlHara aims to provide a collective online space for a global audience – a platform for listening, discussion and togetherness. This month's WW Palestine comes from Recordat and Anadol. Recordat is a group of artists, art researchers and curious minds that share a profound love and appreciation for sound and an ever-evolving quest to challenge their current realities, individually and collectively. Recordat started out as a series of recording sessions for friends that share live experimental music in a cozy setup in Palestine and Jordan.

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