WW Palestine: Sonic Liberation with Radio AlHara

Radio Alhara is a communal radio station that broadcasts from Bethlehem, Ramallah and Amman to the world. This month, they bring Sonic Liberation to Worldwide FM with Rami O and 3phaz.

This month's show kicks off with Rami O, a Montréal based Lebanese-Swede, music selector and DJ who presents “Close Eyes to Exit”, curated for the Sonic Liberation front on Radio AlHara. His set is made of pieces that have helped him drift into serene spaces in the midst of all chaos. He dedicates this to the people of Palestine that have been trapped for so long, with hopes that this short set may offer momentary escapes for some. And in the second hour, 3phaz, Egyptian DJ known for his unique approach to music, who mixes electronic beats with Cairo's traditional sounds.

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