WW Paris: Anders with Etienne De La Sayette // 01-10-20

Tune in for WW Paris with Anders as he presents his eclectic vision of music, focusing on roots classics and forward-thinking musicians from soul to beat music, from jazz to disco with everything in between. On this week's show, he is joined by Etienne De La Sayette in his studio. selection from the studio of Etienne De La Sayette for a selection and a chat about his recently released LP "Kobugi" on Muju Records.

Cochemea - Chito’s Song
Jungle By Night - Unlimited Love
Andrew Ashong - Washed In You
Mr President - Gabriel
Yellow Days - Getting Closer
Scrimshire - Lost In Space & Time
Stephanie Santiago - We See
Kendrick Lamar - FEAR.
Eddie Kendricks - My Poeple…Hold On
Ty Karim - Keep On Doin’ Watcha’ Doin Part 1
Ene Alantchi Alnorem - I Can't Live Without You
Etienne de la Sayette feat. Racecar - Jajinmori
Etienne de la Sayette - Bad Bad Bad
Julien Lourau - Ginger Bread Baeshi Bang-Ilchul
Manu Dibango - Di Ma Dangwa
Etienne de la Sayette - Safari Kamer
Blundetto - Fly High
Etienne de la Sayette - Postcard
Etienne de la Sayette - Tortoises
Akalé Wubé (Etienne de la Sayette Remix), Memona
Etienne de la Sayette feat. Racecar - War Buisness ANDERS //
Pierre Antoine - Say Min Sy Soh]

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