WW Paris: Anders with La Mamie's // 10-09-20

Tune in for WW Paris with Anders as he presents his eclectic vision of music, focusing on roots classics and forward-thinking musicians from soul to beat music, from jazz to disco with everything in between. This week Anders heads up the proceedings with French festival crew La Mamie's.


Roy Ayers - And Don't You Say No

Sade - Spirit

The Whole Truth & Eric Boss - It's Just

George Smallwood & Marshmellow - Lady Disco Demo

Father's Children - Linda Movement

The Two Of Us - Looking Glass

La Mamie's //

Faze-O - Riding High

Enchantment - Dane To The Music

Philip Bailey - Children of the Ghetto

Rasta Instantané - Kylyn

Pearson Sound - So Far Ago

Dub Poets - Black & White

Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness Live

The Floaters - Float On

Hubert Laws - Family

Brief Encounter - Gimme

Creative Source - Who Is He And What Is He To You

East - Re-adjustment by DIESEL - HARVEY


Eduardo Conde - De Onde Vens

Erasmo Carlos - Cica, Cecilia

Os Brazoes - Carolina, Carol Bela

Marcos Valle - Demcustico

Nana, Nelson Angelo, Novelli - Tiro Cruzado

Ana Mazzotti - Bairro Negro

Banda Veneno De Erlon Chaves - Cosa Nostra (?)

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