WW Poland: Astigmatic Records // 30-09-19

Sebastian JÛüwiak and Marek PÍdziwiatr (Astigmatic Records / EABS) present some obscure tunes from Poland and forthcoming music from Astigmatic Records, which includes many new recordings with Marek PÍdziwiatr on keys and synths. Astigmatic Records are an independent label, aiming to to deliver music without genre limits, whilst perfectly fitting the term 'deep'. Multi award-winning Polish jazz septet EABS are widely considered to be one of the most exciting and accomplished jazz bands in the world right now. They apply an innovative approach to jazz, distilling it through the prism of hip-hop, mixing it with elements of soul, funk, electronic music, and of course, traditional polish jazz. 2019 seeís the band embarking on a new approach for the release of their second album Slavic Spirits. For this LP the musicians turned to Slavic mythology and Polish demonology.

KsiÍøyc - Verlaine 1 [OBUH Records]
NIEMEN - Z Pierwszych Waøniejszych OdkryÊ [Polskie Nagrania Muza]
Marcin Rak - Alpaka [U Know Me Records]
B≥oto - Czarne Ziemie [forthcoming Astigmatic Records]
Piotr Damasiewicz and Power of the Horns - Kleofas [forthcoming Astigmatic Records]
Levitation Orchestra - Oddyssey [forthcoming Astigmatic Records]
Andrzej Zaucha i Døamble - OpuúÊ Sny Moje [Polskie Nagrania Muza]
Renata Lewandowska - Okno [forthcoming Polskie Radio x TVPC x Astigmatic Records]
EABS - Leszy [Astigmatic Records]
Sarmacja - Ziemia £apie Oddech [Astigmatic Records]
Urszula Dudziak / Adam Makowicz - For Pia [Cameo Records]

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