WW Seattle: Grizz206

Grizz206 is a dedicated digger, artist, and DJ who brings a deep knowledge of funk, boogie and soul to his sets. He can be found at parties like Hot Peas & Butta and Roll Around Seatown. Grizz206 debuts on WW Seattle with a mix of all original, vinyl pressings (no reissued business!) and some deep cuts from the Emerald City.

Epicentre- Get Off The Phone (Seattle 1978)

C.T. Thompson- Right Now (Seattle)

Steve Parks - Moving In The Right Direction

Brief Encounter- Get A Good Feeling

Myth Michaels - Push It

Septimus- Here I Go Again (Seattle/ Vitamin D’s Dad)

Transport-Move Your Body To The Music ( Portland)

Push-You Turn Me On (Seattle)

Coke Escovedo- Make It Sweet

Betty & Beverly Prudhomme- Tut Tut Twins Part I

Aged In Harmony- You’re A Melody ( Extended Disco)

Marcos Valle- Estrelar

Gap Band- Messin’ With My Mind

Gap Band - Messin ( Kons Edit)

Passage - I See The Light

T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir - Like A Ship

Lenny Randle & Ballplayers feat. Rashawna- Kingdome (Seattle)

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