WW Seattle: Nathan Womack

Wax Thematique label founder, vinyl selector and music producer, Nathan Womack returns for another hour of music from far-flung zones, reconstructing them into a rich collage of delectable samples and funky sonic travelogues. A diligent and savvy crate-digger, Womack possesses an unerring ear for tantalizing snippets of songs, inevitably getting you craving more gems he excavated on trips to mainland China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Nam Hong - Kiss I love You (Radar Records)

Charlie & White Cloud Orchestra - Love Song of Nanorva (White Cloud Record Co.)

Raiman Sanya Pornnarai, Phenkhae Rungthong - Young Man in a Sugarcane Plantation (R&S Records)

Unknown - Love Poem (Cheung Shing Record Company)

Lisa Wong - Looking for Love (Man Chi Records)

Uji Rashid & Hail Amir - Katakan Lah (Madeo Records)

Ye Liyi - My Love My Love (Life Records)

The Saint - Who Dares To Believe (Teo Kwang Electric Records)

Hi-Fi Set - Je M'ennuie (Express Records

Star Combo Orchestra - The Girls of Ah-Li Mountain (Modern Records)

Zhang Xiaoying - Warm In Autumn (Prinstar Records)

Ros Sereysothea - Shave Your Beard (Minky Records)

Cha Do-kyun - How Are You? I'm Fine. (Beatball Records)

Chantana and The Impossibles - Vows (C.I.S. Records)

Titiek Sandhora and Dan Muchsin - Bunga Melati (Mutiara Records)

Unknown - Sad and Dreaming (New Wave Records)

Pan Ron - Jombang Jet (Minky Records)

Wen Jiu Bo - Today, Which Day (Mayar Records)

The Stylers - This Makes Me Not Forget (Panda Records)

Unknown - Beloved Small Carriage (New Wave Records)

Youthful Melodies - Only You (New Wave Records)

Unknown - Where Seagulls Fly (Life Records)

Nathan Womack - Cuihu 6am / Mong’s Vinyl House (Wax Thématique)

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