WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Abdullah Ibrahim and Minyo Crusaders // 22-10-19

Our weekly Japanese rotation takes us to Tokyo's Asakusa district with presenter Toshio Matsuura at the controls. WW Tokyo is live from WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA. For this month's show Toshio is joined by composer, pianist, soloist, band leader, South African Music Award winner, honorary Doctorate of Music from the University of the Witwatersrand and the holder of Order of Ikhamanga presented by President Jacob Zuma, Abdullah Ibrahim. Toshio is also joined by Minyo Crusaders ahead of their UK and European tour. They are a the multi-instrumental 10 piece band with 3 percussionists, as well as a minyo singer - a stylised form of singing rarely encountered outside of a classical folk arrangement.

Abdullah Ibrahim - Did You Hear That Sound -Toshio Matsuura Remix [Enja]

Dollar Brand - Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro - Live [Japo]

Dollar Brand - Mamma [Black Lion]

Abdullah Ibrahim - African Market Place [Enja]

The Jazz Epistles - Uka-Jonga-Phambili [Continental]

The Dollar Brand Trio - Dollar's Dance [Reprise]

Charlie Parker - Now Is the Time

Abdullah Ibrahim - Mannenberg [African Cream]

Abdullah Ibrahim - Nisa [Gearbox]

Abdullah Ibrahim - Jubula [Gearbox]

Abdullah Ibrahim - Skippy [Gearbox]

Gakudan Hige Danshaku - To Tito [Hazukashi Studios]

Guacamole Aqui - Lluvia con Nieve [Aqui]

Aguanko - Re-Vision [Alberto Nacif]

Minyo Crusaders - Tanko Bushi

/////// Mine Crusaders DJ Mix ///////


Minyo Crusaders - Aizubandaisan

Saigon Soul Revival - Hao Hoa [Saigon Supersound]

Evans Pyramid - Never Gonna Leave You - Joakim and Max Pask Disco Mix [Crowdspacer]

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