WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Macération à Musique // 15-02-21

Our weekly Japanese rotation takes us to Tokyo with presenter Toshio Matsuura, DJ and creative, original founding member of United Future Organization, at the controls for the next two hours. On this edition, Toshio collaborates with ‘Macération à Music’, an event to bring people together with natural wine, food and music. Under the restrictions of COVID-19, ‘Macération à Music’ put together a package of an assortment of five different wines including Japanese finest natural maker Beau Paysage and carefully selected premium Italian salami to sell online. On WW Tokyo, Toshio selects music especially for the ‘Macération à Music’ at home package. It’s their second collaboration as the first edition back in May 2020 was well received.

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