WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Shun Ishiwaka live from WIRED HOTEL Asakusa // 20-01-2020

Our weekly Japanese rotation takes us to Tokyo's Asakusa district with presenter Toshio Matsuura , DJ/creative, original founding member of United Future Organization, at the controls. WW Tokyo is live from WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA. On this week's show, Shun Ishiwaka, one of the prominent drummers in the Japanese Jazz scene whom released a new album “Songbook III,” joins Toshio for a chat. This show is open to public, broadcasting 8PM-10PM Japanese local time. Feel free to come join us. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-tokyo-toshio-matsuura-with-shun-ishiwaka-live-from-wired-hotel-asakusa/

Gil Scott-Heron - Where Did The Night Go [XL]

The Heath Brother - Smilin' Billy Suite Part II [Strata-East]

Shinpei Ruike - Vida [T5Jazz]

Shingo Okudaira - Maiden Voyage [Express]

Michal Urbaniak's Fusion - Butterfly [Columbia]

Flying Lotus - Drips [Warp]

Jazz Q - The Wizard [Supraphon]

Stereolab - Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious [Duophonic]

Jeff Parker - Build a Nest [International Anthem]

Jamael Dean - Kronos [Stones Throw]

Answer to Remember - Gnr [Sony]

Shun Ishiwaka - ShihouHappoh I,II [Apollo]

Terumasa Hino - Beyond The Mirage [B.J.L.]

Brian Blade Fellowship - Red River Revel [Blue Note]

Miles Davis - E.S.P. [CBS]

The RH Factor - Hardgroove [Verve]

Answer to Remember - Still So What [Sony]

Mura Masa - (nocturne for strings and a conversation) [Anchor Point]

Green-House - Xylem [Leaving]

Arp - Eos [Mexican Summer]

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