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  • 28.05.19 Caleidoscópio musical with Tropicaza

    Monthly 2-hour show from Carlos Icaza of the Mexican group La Redada. For this month, get ready to hear a mix with a wide range of Latin American music from the second half of 20th century along with some hot current latin acts, with a special input on groove, jazz, ethnic, disco and pop anomalies, rarities and less explored sound artefacts.

  • 28.05.19 Drummers Inc: Femi Koleoso

    Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms. Femi Koleoso, drummer in experimental jazz outfit, Ezra Collective and Jorja Smith, lays down two hours of the finest in hip hop and jazz beats.

  • 28.05.19 State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow (MCDE) with Marina Trench

    Danilo Plessow AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble is on a constant mission to discover new sounds. Drawing from an impressive record collection, the celebrated DJ and producer shares some of the music that inspires him every month here on Worldwide FM. Tune in as he invites Marina Trench for a guest mix.

  • 28.05.19 Music & Power with Ron Trent

    Join Ron Trent‘s music and power journey of various musical textures, something old and something new.

  • 28.05.19 WW Daily: Erica McKoy

    Our Daily show, hosted by Tina Edwards on Mondays and Fridays, and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show.

  • 27.05.19 Coconut Beats: HAAi

    HAAi’s Coconut Beats shows explore psychedelic sounds from around the globe. With each episode focusing on a specific country or region, as she does with her Coconut Beats party series, she spotlights upcoming artists from each place she sonically visits.

  • 27.05.19 Deep Forward with Borge

    Suma Sound DJ/Selector and Worldwide FM head engineer Borge is in the studio for his new 2-hour show.

  • 27.05.19 Open Library: DJ Deep

    Open Library is a monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. For this two hour journey, DJ Deep explores Ambient, Afro Soul, Funk, Jazz and Dub together with forward thinking Electronica, House and Techno.

  • 26.05.19 Classic Album Sundays: Neil Young - After The Gold Rush

    Founded by radio host, music producer, label owner and journalist, Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy, Classic Album Sundays allows listeners to fully immerse themselves into an album by exploring its context, the making of and a full replay of the album on vinyl. This month, Classic Album Sundays presents Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’. The ’60s were barely over and the ’70s just starting when Neil Young recorded a requiem for the era. The mournful title track to his third album, After the Gold Rush (which was released on Sept. 19, 1970), is ostensibly an ode to the environment, but viewed from other angles, deeper implications surface. It’s also the end of an early chapter in Young’s career. After breaking from Buffalo Springfield and releasing his debut solo album in 1968, the singer-songwriter would begin what would become the first of many career left turns. On 1969’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, he plugged in and scraped away at the scabs with the young Crazy Horse. But by the following year, when he was set to make a follow-up LP, he had fired them (but retained a few songs they had already laid down) and retreated to his basement in Topanga, Calif., where he started recording tracks for the follow-up record, a 360-degree turn into acoustic country and folk music with a group of musicians whose approach was a bit more delicate. Rubbing against the plugged-in numbers left over from the Crazy Horse sessions, the new songs — which featured 18-year-old Nils Lofgren on guitar and piano, an instrument he was mostly unfamiliar with — helped create a ragged and almost disjointed record that’s never quite sure if it’s electric or acoustic, part of the ’60s or part of the ’70s. And it’s a brilliant juxtaposition, one that gives After the Gold Rush a feeling of frustration and resignation. It’s a romantic album too — the soft “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” is a highlight — but the sting of “Southern Man,” which immediately follows in the track listing, tempers the mood.  

  • 25.05.19 Global Roots Live from La Casa Encendida

    As we go through the week with our ‘Spanish Joints’, we are broadcasting from Madrid’s La Casa Encendida for Sonidos Binarios, a seminal Spanish music and radio event where Global Roots will be presenting live from 8PM (CET) – 7PM (BST).

  • 25.05.19 Stamp The Wax: Aaron L

    Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

  • 25.05.19 Stamp The Wax: Aaron L

    Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

  • 25.05.19 beGun

    beGun, aka Gunsal Moreno, is one of Barcelona’s most established underground DJs, with international bookings all around the world, from the US and Canada through to India. A regular on Primavera Sound Radio, he is also across a whole gamut of music from Spain and far beyond. On this show he presents a mixtape of his current influences and interests.

  • 24.05.19 International Tribe: Cairo Concepts

    International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian. This week’s International Tribe mix comes from the project Cairo Concepts Cairo Concepts compilation has drawn club producers such as DJ Plead and Haram to team up with Mahraganat‘s most influential figures. The debut release showcases Mahraganat’s heaviest music alongside the club tracks the genre has inspired. Taking the lead for this International Tribe mix is the projects founder Phil Battiekh. He is one of the first outside of Egypt to dedicate himself to Mahraganat. Battiekh’s DJ sets present the newest trajectories of Egypt‘s most popular subculture on the cutting-edge of contemporary sounds. An established figure in the Mahraganat scene, Battiekh’s debut compilation release “Cairo Concepts” examines musical understandings of Mahraganat. “The first half of the mix features Phil Battiekh’s newest compilation: Cairo Concepts: Mahraganat Music X Club Scenarios. The second half showcases the latest in Mahraganat, rap and experimental music from Cairo.”

  • 24.05.19 Haseeb Iqbal with Janine Rainforth

    Haseeb Iqbal, poet, DJ and presenter of DIY podcast platform, Mare Street Records, brings you his monthly show on Worldwide FM. Combining conversation, with musical figureheads from various different scenes, alongside a deep-rooted exploration of the music that is precious to them, his two hour show of wholesome discussion and eclectic sounds is bound to take the listener on a compelling and rich cultural journey. For his first show, he will be joined by Janine Rainforth, the founder of Bristol post-punk outfit from the early 80s, Maximum Joy. They will be chatting about what life was like for her growing up in Bristol, the endless musical influences that filtered into her sound, the dark political state at that time and how that influenced the music too. She will also be delving into what it was like to briefly reform Maximum Joy in 2015, before creating more music through her newly-formed outfit, MXMJoY.

  • 24.05.19 Diaspora Distins: Antonia Odunlami with Wavy The Creator and Lo-Wu

    Content producer, presenter, founding member and former music editor of gal-dem, Antonia Odunlami will be showcasing talents from young Afro-Caribbean creative diasporans that include music artists, playwrights, actors, entrepreneurs. This show aims to build a space to celebrate the diversity and to champion different styles and approaches creatives can have while still being a part of the diaspora. Antonia is joined by Nigerian artist Wavy The Creator, they talk about her moving from Houston to Nigeria. The ever-growing Nigerian alté scene, and where it sits in the landscape of African music today. South London producer and DJ Lo-Wu drops off a guest mix fusing Nigerian Fuji influences with the 2 step sound of London.

  • 24.05.19 WW Daily: Tina Edwards with Jelly Cleaver

    Our Daily show, hosted by Tina Edwards on Mondays and Fridays, and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show. Tina is joined in the studio by South London songstress Jelly Cleaver.

  • 24.05.19 Mari* with DJ Fulltono and Tommaso Cappellato

    Worldwide FM’s senior producer/presenter Mari* takes you to a colourful musical journey to start your weekend! On the first hour, she is joined by Italian Drummer/DJ/Producer Tommaso Cappellato whom just released his solo album “Butterfulying” for a chat and mix. On the last hour, Japan’s most prominent footwork producer, DJ Fullutono brings the “real” vibes of Japanese footwork and juke.

  • 23.05.19 Synth Day 2019: Emma-Jean Thackray with Elliot Galvin, Danalogue, Liam Van Ryn and Jack Stephenson-Oliver

    Worldwide FM celebrates Synth Day by broadcasting our annual 2-hour Synth focused show on the birthday of the legendary Robert Arthur Moog – May 23rd. Hosted by leading UK composer/producer/Trumpet player Emma-Jean Thackray, Worldwide FM showcases several amazing musicians who are leading the UK Jazz movement. We are joined by Elliot Galvin, Danalogue (Soccer96/ The Comet is Coming) and Jack Stephenson-Oliver (Vels Trio), they play an exclusive synth session on their selected synth and Future Bubblers‘ Liam van Ryn selects his favourite synth tracks.

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  • 23.05.19 Debora Ipekel with Chillera

    Debora Ipekel’s monthly show exploring adventurous sounds from around the world. Debora Ipekel invites Chillera for a guest mix. Chillera is a band from Odessa, Ukraine made up from Ganna Brizhata on bass, Polina Matskevich on electric guitar and Anastasia Marikutsa on drums. The band released their first 7″ in 2017 from Ukranian label Muscut, bringing together dub-rhythms, surf rock, and psychedelic lo-fi sounds. Watch out for these girls, their EP “Pro Fun” will be out this autumn!

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  • 23.05.19 WW Daily: Antonia Odunlami with DJ Chillz

    Our Daily show, hosted by Tina Edwards on Mondays and Fridays, and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show. For today’s show, Antonia Odunlami takes over and she is joined by London-based producer and DJ Chillz came through with a mix live in the studio fusing house and afrobeats.

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  • 23.05.19 Señorlobo

    Señorlobo (Lovemonk) is a DJ who’s been spinning good music and sending out good vibes for more than 20 years.  He is one half of Lovemonk, where he exercises his responsibilities as the boss of shipping, vice-president of all things photocopy, and junior graphic designer. As a part of our ‘Spanish Joints’ series, he will showcase all Spanish music with lots of new stuff, some classics and a couple of hidden gems.

  • 23.05.19 Coco Maria

    Tune in for Coco Maria from the North of Mexico who’s shaking down Berlin with her classy and funky record collection mainly from Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

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  • 23.05.19 CoOp presents: Selectors Assemble with IG Culture, Alex Phountzi and Sivey

    Monthly show with Selectors Assemble, a growing collective of DJs producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp presents and beyond. CoOp Presents Sivey, with an all-new double-header of heat, ‘Nobody Else’ and ’Somebody Samebody’. For those that don’t know, Manchester-based Sivey came to some notoriety in the future beats scene a couple years back, releasing music with the LA-based collective Soulection, as a solo artist and via collaborations with Evil Needle, which came to fruition after a series of online beat battles, as well as releases and remixes drop on labels like Astral Blackand Ninja Tune. The recent resurgence of the broken beat movement was something that also inspired Sivey, admiring the balance between musicality and danceability. Eager to share the results with the world, it made perfect sense for his first bruk offerings to find a home at CoOp Presents.

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  • 23.05.19 Le Mellotron: Anders with Neil Bopperson and Diola

    Weekly show with Le Mellotron, a Parisian radio station located in a bar in the bohemian Republique district. Anders is joined by a regular at Le Mellotron, Neil Bopperson and soul, funk and Hip Hop DJ Diola for a selection and a little chat.

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  • 22.05.19 Kiko Navarro

    Carving out an enviable reputation across the globe for his distinctive and highly personal brand of House music, Kiko Navarro’s voyage of sonic discovery has been going strong for almost three decades now. Born on Mallorca, Kiko’s sound reflects the sun-drenched, slow living atmosphere of the Balearic island he still calls home. Obsessed from an early age with the more soulful side of US House music, Navarro’s DJ skills soon attracted the attention of nightlife behemoth Pacha who offered him club residencies both in Palma and in Ibiza. Next came a monthly gig at Space Ibiza and the rest, as they say, is history. Underpinned by his obvious devotion to House music, Kiko’s love of afro-latin sounds has been evident in his feel-good, dance-floor oriented productions since the very beginning. His connection to Pacha led to several releases on the label as well as a mixed compilation ‘The Latin Sound Of Pacha’ which was issued on Tommy Boy records in 2001. Working with many of the world’s most respected imprints such as Local Talk, King Street Sounds and Osunlade’s Yoruba Records attracted an impressive list of top flight DJs to Kiko’s music, ranging all the way from Gilles Peterson on one end of the musical spectrum to Jeff Mills on the other. Following several busy years spent touring the world as the official DJ for the Ducati Marlboro Moto GP Team, Kiko locked himself away in the studio, emerging in 2017 with a new solo album: ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’. Released on BBE Records. Ten years on from his debut LP ‘Perceptions’, Kiko revisited its biggest hit ‘Soñando Contigo’, creating a brand new ‘Orchestral’ version for 2017 and in the process paying homage to the track that made him famous. Featuring special guest appearances from DJ Spen, Concha Buika, Boris Dlugosch and Julie McKnight, ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ displays each shade of Kiko’s musical palette in vivid Technicolor.  

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  • 22.05.19 Emma-Jean Thackray: Sun Ra's Birthday Special

    Monthly show from London jazz trumpeter Emma-Jean Thackray, exploring the latest and best in jazz and beyond. Tune in as she celebrates Sun Ra’s birthday with a special selection.

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  • 22.05.19 Church of Sound

    Monthly show from Church of Sound, London’s repurposed holy space turned music venue. Lex and Spence bring an exploration of their eclectic programming.  

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  • 22.05.19 Earlybird: Lefto

    Weekly show with Lefto, the Brussels based selector and Studio Brussels host. You’ll hear The Weeden Family Singers, some new Denzel Curry, Jameszoo, Slowthai and Skepta, and uptempo bits from Eliphino, Traxmen and many more.

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