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WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with KYOTOGRAPHIE, Masaki Tamura from y gion // 08-04-19

KYOTOGRAPHIE Lucille Reyboz's career in photography started in Africa where she grew up. In 1999 she came to Japan to participate in the Opera ' Life ' by Ryuichi Sakamoto. As a photographer she worked on record jackets for the jazz labels Blue Note Records and Verve Records. She has always been fascinated... continue reading

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Kosuga Tsuyoshi (cro-magnon), Masaki Tamura, Sara Aiko from Jazzy Sport Kyoto // 11-03-19

Kosuga Tsuyoshi (cro-magnon) Daisuke Otake (Dr. & Per.), Kosuga Tsuyoshi (Gt. & Bass), Kaneko Takumi (Key.) met in Boston, USA in 1996 and formed "Loop Junktion". After releasing one mini-album and two full albums they broke up in 2004 and began playing as “cro-magnon" that same year. As cro-magnon,... continue reading

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoich Takeuch, Sara Aico, and Masaki Tamura from y gion // 11-02-19

Yoich Takeuch A beat maker & composer from Kyoto, Yoichi Takeichi is usually known as the guitarist in the Kansai funk-afrobeat bands STEPAK TAKRAW and DADAKAKA. Instead of guitar, his solo project “Yoich Takeuch” has original, minimal beats using old school style equipment such as samplers.... continue reading

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Masaki Tamura and Sara Aiko from y gion // 14-01-19

Yoshihiro Okino  DJ / a programmer of KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE. He is also an owner of 'Especial Records' and also running a record shop in Minamisenba, Osaka. Since the record shop, he has been always in the spotlight with regards to wonderful tracks released until now including collaborations with Sleep... continue reading

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino, Sara Aiko, and Masaki Tamura with JIMBO (Raw Deal) from y gion // 10-12-18

JIMBO (Raw Deal) As Raw Deal, the albums "This Is Raw" (Taklin 'Loud) and "Snakes & Ladders" (Straight Ahead) were hits in a vibrant Future Jazz scene. As a DJ he was a regular guest at legendary events “That's How It Is" with Gilles Peterson and "Inspiration Information" with Patrick Forge. In... continue reading